Back in the saddle, or at least the barn

Michael, Travis, and Alan working on Sally's buggy

Everybody got home from the NDSC Convention yesterday before 5:00, and I'm sure the house bedrooms were filled last evening with Ranchers chatting with themselves, putting their rooms in order (or their version thereof), and planning their week.

Jerry and I collapsed on the couch after supper and watched a favorite movie, This House of Brede.  He worked out this morning but I didn't, fairly sure my stint in the barn this morning would serve the same purpose.

I was right.  We feed the horses at 8:00 because it keeps them happy, and by the time I got through I was wringing wet.  At 9:00 I went up and got my crew–Travis, Michael, and Alan–and set them to work.  Travis cleaned up manure, Alan swept the barn and cleaned the stalls, and Michael helped me rearrange and clean up the hay area.  We extracted a 100 foot industrial extension cord and found the fence tool.  I was happy!

Sally's cart needed a good cleaning, so we got a start on that.  I have to buy a wire brush, leather polish, metal cleaner, and wood wax to get it in shape.  Tomorrow we'll start giving all the tack a good cleaning.

It's been a while since I worked with a team, and I'm more impressed than ever by how well our guys do, caring for this place we all love.