Training week…time for Ranch Camp!

Casey & Barry provide orientation for Ranch Camp

Hoo boy!  Training week has begun for camp staff.  Everybody's excited and tired, exhililarated and rattled.  I know the feeling well.

Marci, Camp Director

Marci, bless her, is our Lead Teacher and Service Coordinator.  She has also taken on the duties of Camp Director for the next several weeks.  I bought her a British poster that says: Keep calm and carry on.

Is there a choice?  Not really.

I ran camp for years and, true to form, those things you fear the most never happen, and those things you never dreamed of do.  Sometimes I guess they could coincide, but we have been blessed for them not to, and I expect this year will be no different.

Robert, Camp Manager

The mood in the Pavilion is full of youthful energy as staffers ranging in age from 13 to mid-20s take on the awesome task of caring for, guiding, and entertaining 60 campers for a fully week.  They're a bit nervous, especially those who don't have a lot of experience with people with disabilities.

This is where our Ranchers come in. 

The Ranchers, who live here year round, know the ropes, and they are able to both mentor the new staff and reassure them about the characteristics and capabilities of the campers they will serve. 

It's an invaluable role, and one in which the Ranchers appropriately take pride.  They're full partners in this enterprise.

And it shows.