Sock Hop!

Melanie paints a drag strip

Okay, I about threw my back out showing the Ranchers how to do the Bunny Hop. 

But I was the only person present who actually went to high school in the 50s and knew how to do it!

It's time for a grand celebration of the first anniversary of the Down Home Ranch fun and fitness program HE-HAW! which stands for High Energy Health and Wellness.

Jerry thought that up.

HE-HAW started exactly a year ago.  Casey, Marci and the rest of the Day Program staff get all the credit for following through, with reward charts, endless fun things to do that involve getting off the couch, and celebration parties and overnights with prizes.

In June we started workplace Weight Watchers, and will finish our last on-site meeting this Thursday.  We will miss our friends Ann and Rebecca, but promise to keep on counting our points and weighing-in (however grim that prospect sometimes becomes).

We have a leaner menu and a fitter bunch, and it shows.

So back to the Sock Hop, coming up Tuesday March 1.  (Remember how we had to take our shoes off to dance because of the wooden gym floor?)

Naturally, there have to be posters all over the “gym,” and poodle skirts to make.

Kyle is proud of his poster

Kara stitches up a poodle skirt with Lori's help


Kyle & Sterling show how “cool cats” acted in the 50s

First a chest bump

And then smoothin' down the ducktail!