Day 2: A Day at Sea

Well, we got settled into our cabins.  This year the luggage arrived quickly at our cabins, so we did not have to spend arrival day explaining where it was.  The Ranchers do not like to be separated from their possessions!

Unfortunately, I was not assigned seating with our main group, who were far away in another section of the dining room.  Poor Ashley was assigned a different time and a completely different dining room, and no amount of cajoling or explaining that she was responsible for four handicapped ladies resulted in any changes.  Fortunately, at least one member of our assigned table failed to show up each sitting, so she camped out against the rules, causing a bit of consernation to the staff, but not enough to get us ejected from the dining room!

Dancing on the Deck

In the morning I hung out with Kelly and Sterling, and a spontaneous dance party broke out on the stage of the Lido deck. 

Julia, Suzanne, and Brent take a whirl
Chris dances with mom, Heidi