Knockin’ ‘Em Down

What a week!  Sunday: board meeting from 1:00-6:00 PM. Monday:getting in the hay and the blessing of the animals on  St. Francis' Day.

Then Tuesday was the great semi-annual Staff-Rancher bowling tournament.  What a hoot!  The trash talk had gotten pretty bad over the previous week, and we were each determined to do our best for our team.

So we caravaned over to Chestnut Square Family Entertainment Center in Bastrop and pretty much took over the bowling alley.
Some of our staff seem to have been pretty good bowlers in their day.  Alas, those days are over.
The Ranchers, on the other hand, began bowling in grade school and haven't stopped since.  Which is to say, they whupped us and they whupped us good.
After bowling, we went off to the park for pizza and play in the cool autumn evening.  Sterling, with high schore of the day of 145, was elected to receive the trophy on behalf of the Ranchers. 

Check out pictures from our day below.

Julia rejects Jerry's offer of a crying towel

John models the martial arts release


Sterling and away we go!

Andrew in a pensive moment
Brian ready to roll

Kara is serious

Charles explains his technique

Park on the Colorado River

Alaina & Kyle at the park

Kristen, Crystal & Naomi swing

Sterling accepts trophy on behalf of Ranchers

Sterling & John celebrate their win