The Playing Field

It occurred to me just now that Down Home Ranch has a distinct advantage in Special Olympics when it comes to our favorite events.

We have a swimming pool, we have a stable and horses, we have wide open spaces to knock golf balls around in, and we have a bocce court and we all live here so we can do them whenever we want.

Granted, no bowling alleys yet, but it's not out of the question!

Alaina at the long putt

 However, what really warmed my husband's heart was coming home from the golfing event Monday and proclaiming to Jerry, “We really have to have a putting green!”  After that he fixed supper two nights in a row!

And I'm serious. 

When we arrived at Spicewood Golf Club on perhaps the prettiest fall day in a decade, we learned our first skills event would be the short and long putt on the putting green.  I was absolutely itching to grab a club and go at it, but this was their event, not mine, so I restrained myself.

However, I also consoled myself with the thought of that beautiful putting green sitting nobly at the entrance of the Village, resolving that I personally would manicure it with tiny scissors so that never a wretched weed would threaten its pristine lovliness.

We also have a bulldozer….

We've thought about a three-hole course plus green in the past, and this is clearly the time to do it.  Our golfers are pretty good, and they all have the capability of being a lot better.

I expect great things to come out of our golf event this year.  Great things have in fact already occurred: we dragged out all the golf clubs people have given us over the year and have spent many hours sorting through them and collecting them into usable sets.

Below are pictures of our golfing day.

Jerry with about a fourth of the donated clubs we now own

Down Home Ranch Golfers

J.J. awards prizes to Kelly (1) & Rebekah (2)

Michael and Naomi before the meet

Alaina, Natalie & Kristen at awards ceremony