Time to Call it a Day

Okay, the party’s over, and it was a grand success.
Were there glitches? Oh, yes.

However, they were not ones that were apparent to the assembled crowd, which overfilled the Parish Hall at St. William, and that’s a mercy.

Within the hall itself magic happened. The food from Southside was wonderful, as always. The sound system was just right—clear as a bell and loud close to the stage but conversation-friendly away from it.

The audio-visuals—a 365 rotation of beautiful slides assembled by our marketing friend Kyle, and a short clip of our Ranchers produced by UT student Michael David were incredibly touching, especially combined with Jerry’s little talk about the mission of Down Home Ranch and what we’re trying to accomplish here.

And the band—oh my gosh! The three impish angels of the Quebe Sisters Band fiddling and singing, guests shuffling and swinging, Ranchers mixed seamlessly among us all…and people actually drove from San Angelo to be there because of the band!

Magic, sheer magic.

Auctioneer Gayle Stallings gave the evening shape and focus, and ensured that all concerned had a fabulous time.

I was so tired at the start of the evening I thought it was something I’d just have to make it through, but as old friends and new filtered into the hall it had the same effect as the campers arriving for Ranch Camp: with each new arrival, my energy came back.

I danced the night away, with friends, with Ranchers, with Jerry, with nobody at all.

I have often said that the most wonderful thing about building Down Home Ranch has been the constant stream of people coming forth to offer the best of who they are and what they have.

Two of them showed up just before the Gala, in response to my blog of March 25, just a trial run to see if it was a match, and it looks like it is.

And the funny thing was, they hadn’t even read it.

Like I said.  Magic.