A Growing Concern

It being a beautiful day, I headed up toward the office on my bicycle to polish off a little work before the evening's festivities began with the Cattlemen for Cancer Gala Benefit tonight.

I peered through the trees and saw folks gathered around the retaining wall of Barnabas House.  Curious as to what they were up to, I headed over thataway. 

Terry and Alan sat in camp chairs monitoring the progress of the project, which quickly revealed itself to be a 3′ X 5′ raised-bed garden plot that Barry and Michael were building. 

Sterling perched on the grass offering helpful comments.

I agreed the chosen spot was ideal–lots of sun and good drainage, but offered the observation that the 15 plants they had spread out along the retaining wall (3 pepper plants, 3 squash, 1 tomato, and I forget what all else) might prove a little ambitious for the tiny plot.

“Oh, ye of little faith,” Barry said.  “Wait, and be amazed.”

Well, maybe Barry knows something I don't.  I always pass on my copies of the Mother Earth News to him, but can't claim to have always read every article therein.

Meanwhile, Andrew, who thought up the project and picked out the plants, wandered up to offer advice as Michael and Barry bolted the frame together.

“So, Andrew,” I asked, “how come you're loafing around while Michael and Barry do all the work?”

Andrew lifted his eyebrows and peered down at me with his best  “Polish professor” countenance.

I ” he said archly “am the cook.”

  Matter settled.