Ranch Story by Mark

Note: Mark has been coming to Ranch Camp since his early teens, and has lived at the Ranch since 2005.  He brought me this story to share with others.  It's presented exactly as he wrote it with some parenthetical assists from me for clarity.

Before I knew this place in my life it was beautiful place I never [read “ever”] been, with Kelly.  Before I knew Kelly she told me about her boyfriend Sterling together very long time I mat them in couple.  The year of 2003 they are beautiful couple I was there for it.  Before I moved at the Ranch I used to live at Barnabas [House] about 3 years with 2 ranchers is [We cannot release these names].  Then I moved to Impendent [Independent Living] house with Michael he is my friend in my life to become my best friend in my heart.  I have another story about Mike [a different Mike] before I mat him in 2005 at the Ranch I want him be my second best friend in my life.  Part of my life I want everybody to be together forever to have friends can to be trusted people.  I really want to help people make them understand and my life to be free no problems at all.  Guys this letter means to me I want us together.  Everybody didn't know I have dreams about people don't get along well.  But I understand everything they do here.  The last story about my special life I came here I was happy everyday was beautiful I talked my mother about the Ranch I was successful with this they are happy for me to have my own life & dream I always wanted.

Indeed, Mark broke his mom's heart when he asked to move to the Ranch right out of high school, but she and his dad respected his desire to have his own life and made it possible for that to happen.

After a year in Barnabas House, Mark and Michael moved into Timothy House, one of two Independent Living cottages we built.  They did well together in their little home with, of course, a good amount of staff support.  Alas, when we came under ICF licensing Michael and Mark both had to move back into the four-bedroom homes.  They seemed fine with it, although they enjoy reminiscing about their bachelor pad days.

Mark has two brothers, Brian and Scott, and a sister Shannon.  He grew up in Coppell, Texas and Omaha, Nebraska, where his parents still live, and is the proud uncle of three.

Mark loves helping out in the front office, making copies and running errands.  He also  helps give tours of the Ranch.