Health and Behavior Issues – How does Camp handle them?

Ranch Camp's application extensively covers all aspects of camper health and behavior history. We use historical information provided by caregivers to make an informed decision on acceptance or referral to other camps. Our goal is always to keep campers happy, healthy and safe during camp. Camp staff are certified in CPR/First Aid, AED, Basic Lifesaving and trained in verbal and physical de-escalation techniques through Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (SAMA). These techniques allow us to address behavior issues or health concerns that may happen during camp. We also employ a Camp Medical professional who carries a EMT, LPN, LVN or RN designation and is onsite during all camp hours.

If misrepresentation is made as to a camper's health or behavior, or if the camper becomes ill enough or engages in behavior seemed serious enough to warrant dismissal, they may be dismissed from Ranch Camp. If a camper is dismissed due to health or behavior considerations, it is the guardian or emergency contact's sole responsibility to pick up this camper on the day they are notified. No refund will be issued for dismissal under health or behavioral reasons.