Amplify Austin 2022

There's one unique time each year where tens of thousands of people come together to make a huge difference in the lives of Central Texans. It's called Amplify Austin, but the impact spreads way outside those city limits. In celebration of this year’s Amplify event on March 2-3, DHR aims to share stories in honor of YOU, the people who make Down Home Ranch the amazing community it is today.

Every single person has a deep motivation that fuels their spirit and calls them to give to a cause they care about. We ask you today to think about WHY you support Down Home Ranch?  Does a loved one of yours attend camp? Do you like volunteering in the greenhouse?  Tell us your stories! We want to hear from YOU, the advocates, supporters, volunteers, campers, staff –the entire DHR family! The inspiring mission of Down Home Ranch has captured the hearts of so many people over the last 32 years! If you are one of them, join us on Amplify Austin Day and tell the world WHY! 

Here are four ways you can Amplify Ability alongside DHR today:   

1) Donate directly to the DHR Amplify Campaign 

2) Register for free to start an online Amplify fundraiser for DHR. 

3) Share your “Giving Story” via email or on social media and tell everyone WHY you support Down Home Ranch! Be sure to include the link to our Amplify page. 

4) SHARE SHARE SHARE our Amplify social media posts!