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Voice for Choice - Monthly Giving ProgramVoice for Choice - Monthly Giving ProgramVoice for Choice - Monthly Giving Program

Voice for Choice - Monthly Giving Program    Voice for Choice - Monthly Giving Program

Why is monthly giving important?

We are genuinely grateful for our supporters who believe deeply enough in our mission to contribute through monthly giving. Our Voice for Choice monthly givers ensure that the Ranch is able to provide vast and varied choices of activities, educational courses, vocations and housing. Their recurring contributions mean that our work continues, and more individuals with intellectual disabilities are able to enjoy opportunities that create a sense of purpose and dignity.

Are you considering joining the ranks of our most passionate and dedicated supporters? If so, your automatic monthly gift will help provide the sustained resources needed to accelerate the ways Down Home Ranch elevates the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support the work we do 365/24/7. With automatic recurring bank drafts or credit/debit card transactions, you have the power to say which day of the month the transactions will take place.  If you ever need to increase, decrease or suspend your gift, just give us a call or send us an email.  Best of all, as a Voice for Choice, you will be directly supporting a more fulfilled life for all people on the Ranch; a life full of friends, opportunity and choice!

Monthly Giving

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