There’s one unique day each year where tens of thousands of caring people come together to make a huge difference in the lives of Central Texans. It’s called Amplify Austin, but the impact spreads much farther than those city limits. Over $10.3 million was raised in 2018, with donations going to over 700 nonprofits in seven neighboring Texas counties. Fun fact: Down Home Ranch provides service in three of the seven, including Williamson, Travis and Bastrop!


Down Home Ranch’s Amplify theme is a continuation of our 2019 organizational theme of being truly person-centered. This year, we aim to shine light on what abilities make each person unique, but more importantly we want to showcase the abilities that each person identifies as their own.

This year we aim to raise $40,000 towards the mission of Down Home Ranch. By joining in and donating to our Amplify campaign, you are stepping up and showing the world that all abilities are worth amplifying.

We are excited to participate in this community-wide event for the 7th year in a row and know that with your help, we will be able to reach our goals.

Here are three ways you can Amplify Ability alongside DHR today!:
1) Register for free to start a peer-to-peer fundraiser for DHR 
2) Donate to the cause
3) Share why you Amplify Ability with your family, friends and
olleagues via email or on social media.
(Be sure to tag Down Home Ranch!)

Together, we can reach our goal of $40,000 to help Down Home Ranch continue
empowering and amplifying abilities of every Rancher!

Need help navigating the Amplify Austin website? Contact our Development team at [email protected] or 512-856-0128 for assistance!

Where the money goes

Amplify Austin

We hold weekly educational classes for our Ranchers. One such class is called “Explore Our Community” where Ranchers and staff travel to nearby landmarks, museums, parks and more, learning more about our local communities.

Amplify Austin

Who doesn’t like a good game of basketball?! Your donations go directly to funding the FUN of basketball, volleyball, Frisbee golf, swimming, bowling and MUCH MORE!

Amplify Austin

Our Ranchers receive many opportunities by living at Down Home Ranch. One of those opportunities is learning a vocational skill. Here you can see one of our Ranchers being taught by the Director of Ranch Operations how to maintain one of the many golf carts we have on the Ranch. In 2019, we are continuing to work towards creating more opportunities for Ranchers to work off-site in their vocation of choice!

Amplify Austin

Owning your own home is a part of the American Dream, right? Well, we help to fulfill this dream for some of our Ranchers here at Down Home Ranch. Here one of our Ranchers is proudly holding this sign in front of his very own Micro house!

Amplify Austin

Look at those smiles! Your donation helps to create that JOY!  Cooking classes are a highlight for our Ranchers. They get the chance to learn new skills and spend time laughing and making a “masterpiece” a.k.a. “A MESS”! Your donations go directly to funding these classes and the cost of materials, staffing, etc.

Amplify AustinAt Down Home Ranch we provide a very basic human freedom to adults with disabilities – the ability to live a good life in a safe, family-like community, with a circle of close, life-long friends. These friendships are special because they are between individuals who truly understand and support one another through life’s ups & downs, while sharing their hopes, dreams, interests, music, and best of all, lots of hearty laughs and fun times.

Amplify AustinRanch hand or gardener?! When you give to Down Home Ranch, you are giving adults with special needs the ability to CHOOSE their job. We currently offer jobs in Maintenance, Food Service, Barns & Animal Husbandry, Gardens & Greenhouses, Administration, Arts & Crafts (sellable works) and the Janitorial “Clean Team.”

How Can You Help for Amplify 2019?

Be a Donor: Join us anytime and make a 100% tax-deductible gift!  You can even “schedule” a donation for the day of Amplify Austin starting in early January, 2019!

Be a Fundraiser: Connect your passion for Down Home Ranch and your network of friends and family by creating your own personal fundraising campaign page!  As a fundraiser, you set the goal, you spread the word, and you become a champion of your cause! Need help with creating your fundraising page? Kelly from our Development team would be happy to set one up for you!  Email her at [email protected] or call 512-856-0128 ext 129

Be a Business Fundraiser:  Get your fellow employees to come together and donate to Down Home Ranch as a group… this is a GREAT way to give back to the community as a TEAM!

Contact [email protected] or call 512-856-0128 with any questions!

Visit our Amplify Austin page!