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See Me as an Outdoorsman – Cody

Name: CodyAge: 27Rancher Since: May 2012Favorite Hobby: Having guys’ night with his friends where they watch movies and eat pizza Cody’s love for the outdoors began when he was a child. He remembers swinging outside and loving the sounds of birds chirping and how the warm sunshine felt. He began hunting hogs and deer with…

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See Me as a Sports Fan – Gregory

Name: GregoryAge: 34Rancher Since: May 2017Favorite Hobby: Hunting The fall season brings an abundance of opportunities to cheer on your favorite sports teams and Gregory takes full advantage! After moving to Texas when he was six years old, Gregory grew up as a proud The University of Texas at Austin sports fan – the Longhorn…

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disney see me

See Me as a Disney Fan – Chris

Name: ChrisAge: 36Rancher Since: November 2008Favorite Hobby: Playing Video Games The magical world of Disney has captivated Chris’ heart since he was a child. Animated Disney movies ignited this passion many years ago, with The Little Mermaid and The Lion King as his all-time favorites. Chris loves to sing along to the soundtracks and recite…

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singer see me

See Me as a Singer – Eliza

Name: ElizaAge: 31Rancher Since: August 2012Favorite Hobby: Riding Horses.When Eliza was a little girl, she remembers feeling drawn to music and instinctively wanting to sing. The sounds of Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and The Beatles filled her home growing up. The lyrics and soul of each artist provided inspiration for Eliza’s future. Her favorite memory…

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