Day Program is seeking volunteers to share their time and talent with Ranchers, Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. There is opportunity to conduct a one time workshop or be part of our ongoing course schedule, by developing and leading a weekly course for 12 weeks. Take advantage of being part of the Down Home Ranch community by sharing the things that interest you.

The Residential Program is seeking volunteers to support Ranchers to have more individual and small group experiences in the community, after 5:00pm weekdays and anytime on weekends. During these times a volunteer might lead a game night here on the Ranch, provide transportation for a date night to go line dancing or check out the latest movie at a local theater. This flexible volunteer opportunity allows for volunteers who work typical job schedules to share their time, develop friendships and support Ranchers to have more typical experiences in the community.

If either of these opportunities excite you, we’d love to learn more about you and invite you to get started today by submitting a volunteer application. After completing your application, please email it to [email protected]. A staff member will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss open volunteer roles and next steps regarding completing a background check.


Special Request for Poinsettia Season Volunteers

Poinsettia Planting–Involves various stations of volunteer duties such as filling pots with soil, inserting small poinsettia cuttings, watering and placing on tables.
Thurs. Aug. 16 (8am-12pm)–up to 13 volunteers needed
Thurs. Aug. 16 (1pm-5pm)–up to 20 volunteers needed
Fri. Aug. 17 (8am-12pm)–up to 13 volunteers needed

Poinsettia Spreading–Involves moving 10,000+ poinsettia pots around on the tables in the greenhouses to give them more space to grow. There will be constant movement, bending, reaching, walking and placing pots around on various tables.
Thurs. Sept. 27 (8am-12pm)–up to 24 volunteers needed

If any of the above shifts work for you (groups also welcome!), please send an email to Laura at [email protected] to sign up!