Taking vacations are just one of the unique and special opportunities offered to the residents of Down Home Ranch. The Ranchers work hard in their daily jobs and like everyone else, they deserve to take a vacation now and then. When that time comes, they are eager for a chance to get away somewhere new and exciting!

During the summer, Down HVacation@2Xome Ranch holds a one-day fundraiser to support such vacations called “Swim Fest.”  For the last several years, money that has been raised at Swim Fest has
helped to fund a 4-5 day Ranchers’ cruise to Mexico!  Besides some support staff who accompany the residents, many of the Ranchers’ families and friends also choose to go along on their vacation, as well.

For those of us with or without intellectual disabilities, given the chance to spend vacation time away with family and friends brings a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment.  Many, many wonderful memories are created, captured in photos and taken home to be shared and treasured!