The Ranchers of Down Home Ranch live not only a good life but a great life!  Part of that great life includes such noteworthy opportunities as attending conferences.  Examples of such gatherings that some of the Ranchers and staff have attended in the past are the National Down Syndrome Convention held once a year at different locations around the United States.  Another example is the annual Texas Advocates Conference held in various cities throughout the state.

Ranchers and staff join thousands of other people attending these conferences.  These gatherings give people the chance to meet and learn from others who care and want to talk about what is important to them.  Such conferences offer the latest information from experts to help people with intellectual and physical disabilities live the life they want to live.  Additionally, conferences also afford dynamic opportunities to unite many wonderful individuals, some with disabilities and some without, to enjoy a couple of days together getting to know and learn more about one another while having a lot of fun along the way!