Swim Fest 2017

Rancher Terry said it best: “Swim Fest is about bringing people together and having fun together.”

Thank you for making Swim Fest 2017 a memorable experience! When you support this event, you’re providing an avenue to teach good sportsmanship. You’re helping us show that healthy living and exercise is fun and rewarding. It’s through this friendly competition, that many Ranchers gain confidence in their swimming abilities and find comfort being around water. All in all, it’s a wonderful way to kickstart the busy summer months.

From all of the Ranchers, staff and volunteers at the Ranch,
THANK YOU for supporting Swim Fest

Martha Adams
Robert and Ann Allen
Jennifer E Baker
Peter Barger
James and Carolyn Boyle
David Brooks
John and Martha Burns
Catherine Cabrera
Sarah Carlisle
Chaparral Land Surveying
Circle J Vintage Cars, LLC
Frederick and Joan Clarke
Yvette L Clement
Ralph Comer
James and Marsha Conner
J. Fred Cross
Fred Cross
Davee Custom Homes
Madelon Davila
Norman Dyer
Elgin Courier
Elwood Eichler
Jo Beth Ellis
Elaine Erdelt
First National Bank
John and Carrie Follett
Judith Ford
Suzanne Free
Brian Freidell
Jeff and Tamie Gobble
Thomas Grahmann
Vanessa Gray
Curt Haffner
Teresa Hammett
Daniel Hannafin
Irma Harper-Hancock
Phil and Katie Harrell
Donald Harris
Doug and Carol Harris
James Robert Harris
James and Cheryl Hartung
Daniel Hartung
Bill & Paula Hayward
Ray and Mary Ann Holbrook
Gary and Heidi Holliday
John and Scottie Holton
Louis and JoAnn Hornung
Veronyca Horst
Jerry and Judy Horton
Dave and Ann Jordan
Suzanne Jordan
Dan Jordan
Dwight and Lynette Klassen
Dan Kleiner
Mary Kochan
Missy and Richard Kreisle-Brady
Lacy Largent
Deanna Lockstedt
Blifford and Terry Loehr
Margaret Lotterhos-Smith
Tim Lucas
David and Marcia Lyngaas
Mickey and Valerie Malone
Myra & Gerald Marsh
Adeline Melcher
Dud Morris
Thomas and Midge Nance
Anita Norris
Philip and Judy O’Neill
Matthew Pelc
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Marjorie Pierce
Joe Pustejovsky
Richard Radicke Sr.
Robert Randall
Bernice Revering
Craig and Naomi Russell
Robert Schier
Robert and Karen Shaw
Jane Sielken
Mark and Carol Singletary
Richard Smith
Genie Frances Sorensen
South Park Coins
Meagan Struby
Marilyn Struby
Douglas Struby
Dave and Kathy Struby
Carl Struby
Lois Torres
John and Susan Tyler
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Janis Vasquez
Wampler Manufacturing LTD
Fr. John and Rita Williams
Stan and Marjorie Woodring
Donna Wright
Robert and Janet Zink

If you didn’t get the chance to donate and would still like to