SwimfestSwim Fest

Swim Fest will take place on June 11, 2016 at the Down Home Ranch Swim Center, 10:00am to 3:00pm. (RSVP to Laura if you can attend: [email protected])

Swim Fest an annual competition to see (1) which of our teams can swim the most laps and (2) who are the fastest female and male swimmers on the Ranch.  It’s also when we reach out for the support needed for the variety of enrichment programs we offer to our Ranchers at DHR, such as our annual cruise to Cozumel, taking classes at the University of Texas, and attending out of state conferences like the National Down Syndrome Conference Ranchers love the chance to interact with and learn from their peers in other areas of the country.

On SwimFest Day 2015, we received just over $25,000  — and we are grateful for your support.  This year, with our expanding population, we will need close to $40,000 to cover the budget for these activities!

It’s never too early, or too late, to donate by going to: Swim Fest Donations

Swim Fest raises money, but it also raises Rancher commitment to hard work, to healthy living, to challenging sport and to the “can-do” ethic that is fundamental to the self-improvement our Ranchers seek.

Swimfest2@2XYour donation helps Down Home Ranch:

  • Give Ranchers (residents with intellectual disabilities) a well-deserved vacation with our annual cruise to Cozumel, Mexico
  • Provide vocational training, meaningful jobs, and a paycheck
  • Send Special Olympians to golf, kayak, bowling, aquatics, track and field, and other competitions
  • Fund attendance at the National Down Syndrome Congress Conference each summer for those with Down Syndrome
  • Fund attendance at the Texas Advocates Convention for those not attending the NDSC Conference
  • Send two female Ranchers to a pageant in Chicago and two Ranchers invited to serve on a panel of self-advocates in Washington D.C.
  • Purchase and maintain fitness and recreational equipment
  • Take courses at UT specially tailored for adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Support Ranch AIR — our “Artist In Residence” program
  • Fund Meet-Ups with UT Best Buddies, Catholic Aggies and others