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The Founders' Legacy
Would you like to hear a story?

Photo: Learn more about how your donations to the Founders Legacy Campaign will support Down Home Ranch, Elgin, TX 78621 - Donate Now

Thirty years ago this month, a 41-year old woman discovered she was pregnant. She was very surprised, but not unhappy. She and her husband and their three daughters waited eagerly for the baby's arrival.

When the baby did come, the doctor looked sad and serious. He told the family that the baby had Down syndrome. The family cried. But at 6:00 am the next morning, the daddy went to a local agency that helps families who have children with disabilities. He waited at the door until someone showed up.

"What can I do to help my daughter?" he asked this person.

"She's a baby," said the person. "Take her home. Change her diapers. Love her. We'll help your family."

But the daddy never stopped asking the question: "What can I do to help my daughter?" As the baby grew, he worried about what her life would be like when she grew up and her parents got old and couldn't take care of her anymore.

Who would be her friends? Where would she live? Would people really love her?

So, that daddy and mommy decided to build a special place where their little girl and her friends could live when they grew up. It's called... Down Home Ranch.


Yes, friends, we are that family.

And 25 years ago, we founded Down Home Ranch. Hard to believe, but the calendar (and the mirror) don't lie.

So now we embark on our last campaign as the founding family of Down Home Ranch: the Founders' Legacy Campaign.

Today 32 men and women with intellectual disabilities, including our daughter Kelly, live at the Ranch. They lead exciting, challenging, and rewarding lives. We and many others live in the same neighborhood.

The Founders' Legacy will add housing, jobs, and opportunities for our Ranchers and for Ranchers yet to come. We expect our community to grow, because many others want to become part of this special place.

Please join us in this, our last campaign. Help make it a story with a happy ending by clicking here and making a contribution online or by downloading the donation form and mailing in your contribution.

Thanking you for your support,

Jerry, Judy and Kelly Horton
Founders of Down Home Ranch

How you'll be helping the Founders build-out their dreams...

The Founder's Legacy Campaign has a goal of $2.5 million — to build, to enhance, to improve and to grow. To date, gifts and pledges to the Legacy Campaign have helped us reach about halfway to our goal — a great start.

And, we believe that a $1 for $1 challenge will soon be issued, meaning that any gift or pledge will be doubled: $100 will become $200, $1,000 will become $2,000!

Wondering how your donation will be applied? Below is a list of some of the projects the Founders' Legacy Campaign will accomplish:

  • Build a Community Center, Welcoming Center and other structures
  • Include an underground recreation room in the Community Center that will double as a storm cellar
  • Pave roads and parking areas; build automobile, golf cart and bike shelters
  • Landscape the residential Village with Xeriscape (drought tolerant) design
  • Build new housing for Ranchers with ID to live independently
  • Invest in enterprise improvements (e.g., retreat facilities and horticulture)
  • Convert four greenhouses to production to grow hydroponic, pesticide-free vegetables for the Ranch's residents, in addition to selling excess to the public
  • Develop enterprises to create more jobs and income
  • Build solar, wind and water-catchment systems to reduce energy costs and better manage resources
  • Build a large equipment barn for vehicle/equipment maintenance
  • Purchase needed equipment: generators, utility vehicles, skid steer, etc.


Down Home Ranch is a 501 (c) (3) corporation and registered as a Texas non-profit. This means that the Ranch is a charity, and as such gifts of money, goods, and services are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about charitable deductions, consult your tax advisor.


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