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Image: Amp Up the Ranch and Support DHR with a Gift or Donation with Amplify Austin

Visit our page on the
Amplify Austin web site
to pre-schedule your donation
- OR -
Become a Sponsor with a $2,500 Challenge Grant
- OR -
Visit DHR's Amplify Page
from 2pm - 3pm on
Friday, March 6th
and help us win
an extra $1,000!

Kickoff Party!
Join us at the DHR Pavilion
Thursday, March 5th at 5pm

Questions? Comments?
Call Kristin at (888) 926-2253
or send her an email at fundraising@downhomeranch.org

Have Fun and Amplify
Down Home Ranch
on March 5-6, 2015

The Amplify Austin 24 hour Day of Giving, 6pm March 5 to 6pm March 6, is a Central Texas fund-raiser that directly benefits hundreds of non-profits—including Down Home Ranch. In March 2014, 497 non-profits raised $5.7 million, benefiting thousands of children, youth and adults in Central Texas!

We joined Amplify late in 2014 but still raised $16,000. And, whatever we raise in 2015 we get! Plus, we're asking for Sponsors for a Challenge Grant, which means an individual donation will be doubled by the Sponsor.

You, your friends and your organization can help Down Home Ranch in many ways:

  • Become a Sponsor with a $2,500 Challenge Grant to motivate others to give during Amplify. To learn more about becoming a Sponsor, contact Kristin at (888) 926-2253 or send her an email at fundraising@downhomeranch.org.
  • Set up a "Profile" page where you invite your family, friends and fellow employees to donate—a lot of fun, very easy to do and we'd be happy to help you do it.
          - Click here to create your Profile Page
          - Click here for step-by-step instructions for creating online Profile Page
  • For sure, make an on-line donation during Amplify (between 6pm March 5 and 6pm March 6).
  • Between 2:00 and 3:00 pm on March 6th, click this link to make a donation and help us win $1,000 for having the most donors during that hour.
  • Join us for our Kickoff Party in the Pavilion at Down Home Ranch Ranch at 5:00pm on March 5th for finger food, drinks, games, music and dancing, not to mention LOTS of FUN!.
  • Join us as we conclude the 24-hour watch with a 6:00 pm barbecue dinner in the Pavilion on March 6.

Photo: Logo for Amplify Austin. Learn more about how your donations can amp up Down Home Ranch, Elgin, TX 78621 - Donate Now So, mark your calendar for:

2 pm, Friday, March 6th

We'll be trying to secure the largest number of donors during that hour, so tell your friends to take a few minutes to visit our page and make a pledge at that time.

Help Us Amp Up the Ranch!

The Following Are the First to Sign on as Sponsors.
Will you join our team?

First National Bank of Bastrop
Enterprise Building Center
Frontier Bank of Texas


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