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Hands Tell Stories.
          Each Is Different.
Your Donation Makes a Difference

The hands of a mother comforting her child are different from the hands of the carpenter building a house. The hands of an open heart surgeon differ from the hands of the welder.

Your hands are different too. Look at them and think of all they have learned and all they have done.

Photo: Pair of special hands. Learn more about how your donations support Down Home Ranch, Elgin, TX 78621 - Donate Now The hands in this picture are the hands of people with Down syndrome.

Look closely and you will see the crease running horizontally across the palm from the base of the thumb. Now look at your own hand and see the difference.

Physicians use this knowledge to identify Down syndrome in a newborn, like they did in 1984 with our daughter Kelly — now 29 and the inspiration for Down Home Ranch. When she was first delivered they looked at her tiny hand and knew.

There are other differences that come with these special hands. Not many of them will write a great novel, steer a plane or win at chess. Few have hands that will play a concert piano or write an algorithm.

Photo: Hands stained from berry picking. Learn more about how your donations support Down Home Ranch, Elgin, TX 78621 - Donate Now But, like most people, those with disabilities have hands that are different, but capable.

For example, people with disabilities can do many things with their hands — use a mop or broom to clean, take hay to the horses, collect chicken eggs, cook a meal, work in a greenhouse or vacuum a rug. Some get stained hands picking blackberries.

Others might have calloused hands from bringing in the hay. Some have fine motor skills and their hands are great at planting the tiny seed that will become a head of lettuce.

But just about everything they do is harder for them than for us. Harder to learn. Harder to master.

That's why people with disabilities need a helping hand to have a good life.

And that's where you come in.

Down Home Ranch gets a lot of support from the government and we appreciate that support very much.

Photo: Hands used for bringing in the hay. Learn more about how your donations support Down Home Ranch, Elgin, TX 78621 - Donate Now But the support is limited to paying for daily needs like housing, food, staff and the like. It doesn't include things that most of us want in our lives — like taking a continuing ed class at the local college, going out for pizza and a movie with friends, or going on vacation every now and then. Government support won't buy a golf cart and teach a Rancher to drive it safely — which they absolutely love doing.

Moreover, government support is declining and will probably continue to do so for years. In 2011 alone we suffered a cut of about $55,000, making it tougher to give our Ranchers the lives they deserve.

Still, even if it seems we are forever climbing the mountain, we aren't inclined to whine and complain. We go to work. We bootstrap it. We look for help from those we know care about the most vulnerable among us, our Ranchers.

We're hoping this includes you.

Because you can give our Ranchers with Down syndrome, autism and other disabilities the help they need.

Reach out. Click here and be a hand that makes a difference.

Thanking you for your support,

Jerry and Judy Horton
Founders of Down Home Ranch

Wish List

We don't just need your donations (although we'll never turn them away)! We often need items that you might have and no longer need.

  • Great items to sell at DHR's Annual Golf & Gala
  • Good used golf carts, gas or electric
  • Engineers to design a pool dome
  • iPads for Ranchers
  • Good, lightly used furniture
  • Two seater kayaks; double blade paddles
  • Rowing machine for gym
  • Metal-cutting bandsaw
  • Functional truck for Ranch maintenance
  • Lawn care equipment
  • Shop tools


Down Home Ranch is a 501 (c) (3) corporation and registered as a Texas non-profit. This means that the Ranch is a charity, and as such gifts of money, goods, and services are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about charitable deductions, consult your tax advisor.


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